Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dance! Dance! DANCE!

Adyson had her first dance recital on Friday, June 10th.  I somehow managed to score front row seats and Quentin and I were delighted at how well Ady actually participated.  She has been known to play shy when people are watching, which she did some of at the dress rehearsal, but she danced very well at the real recital!

This was also the first time Ady has worn makeup, and I think I created a monster.  She asks to wear "scara" and "lipsticks" all the time now... Sigh.  I can usually appease her with some blush and chapstick, but I doubt that will last long!

All in all she did great, but I am not sure dance is for Ady.  She had fun but often didn't want to go to class or asked to play other sports instead.  I think we are going to look into "cheater-leading" for flag football and playing basketball and soccer. 

THIS VIDEO (click the link)  is from dress rehearsal (no cameras or video allowed at the recital so you have to buy the dvd for $39.99, of course) Adyson is 3rd from the left!


  1. She looks so grown up! And you look great, as usual!

  2. Awww! Ady looks so excited! :-) What a cutie pie!